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Invest in your skin. How To Glow from Solaris Laboratories is an FDA-cleared Red, Blue & Amber LED light therapy mask that uses NASA technology clinically demonstrated to smooth the look of fine lines, kill acne-causing bacteria, and promote a healthy glowing skin. It's transparent for convenience, so you can do work around home, use your computer or watch TV while your skin gets a professional light therapy treatment. Red LED light therapy (620-750 nm) is for anti-aging & wrinkle reduction by stimulating fibroblast cells to produce and secrete collagen. Red light treatment helps plump the skin and help smooth out the look of fine lines. Blue LED light therapy (420-495nm) prevents and treats mild to moderate acne by killing acne causing bacteria. Blue light therapy has also been clinically shown to control sebum/oil production. Amber LED light therapy (590-620nm) is a calming and rejuvenating wavelength. It's excellent for sensitive skin and is able to reduce superficial issues such as redness (rosacea), inflammation, and the appearance of tiny blood vessels around the nose and face. Amber light also boots lymphatic drainage and helps the skin achieve a natural healthy glow.

Les Détails

  • Works on multiple skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne, redness, and dullness
  • Rechargeable par USB
  • Features medical grade light and touch technology
  • Includes universal USB charging cord (5V) and safety goggles
  • Revolve Style N° SSNR-WU7
  • Fournisseur Style N° slny121
  • L'emballage et les matériaux peuvent varier. Veuillez lire les étiquettes, les avertissements et les instructions avant de les utiliser.

Comment utiliser

  • After charging the LED face shield for at least 3 hours, the mask can be used on cleansed skin - do not use with any serums or sheet masks
  • To turn on hold power button down for 3 seconds. To switch between Blue, Red and Amber light, touch/tap power button
  • Use 15 minutes per day 3 - 5 days per week. To clean mask, gently wipe down with dry cloth. Use safety goggles at your discretion

Solaris Laboratories NY a été fondée par Iliana Ivanova en 2017 pour combler une lacune pour ses problèmes de peau qui n'avait pas de solution en utilisant des produits topiques ou en suivant le plan de traitement de son dermatologue. Iliana Ivanova croit que les soins de la peau et le bien-être doivent être une expérience sûre et amusante qui ajoute une valeur à votre vie. Son expérience scientifique joue un rôle clé dans la recherche de modalités et de traitements efficaces qui répondent à des préoccupations spécifiques en matière de soins de la peau - pour finalement ajouter une autre dimension à votre routine de soins de la peau.